Insulation for wooden houses

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Jute Rope from 198₽/ kg
Nog from 13₽/ pcs
Jute batting from 3.5₽ / lm
Jute benefits
100% natural material. Maintains a healthy indoor climate. Does not cause allergies
Not subject to decay. Uniform stacking of logs. Extends home life
Heat resistant
100% jute and linen felt will reliably insulate your wooden house. Natural air ventilation
You save time on construction and money to eliminate the drawdown of the house
Knot strength
Jute tow
Birch head
Jute batting
Jute rope
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We are a reliable and responsible supplier that has established itself among builders
We try to do our best. We produce material from jute and flax brought from Bangladesh, without adding synthetics and other recyclable materials
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